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Thread: calibre review

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    calibre review

    i was looking for a long range rabbit rifle 2-300 yards in the past i have had 17rem 204ruger but i allways used them on foxes. i was looking at the 17rem fireball which seems to be taking over from the 17rem in the us at the moment any info most wecome best regards steve.

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    I would be interested to know why you dont stick with the .204.

    I have one and cant imagine anything better for that job (unless you want to eat it).

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    calibre review

    at the moment i don/t have a 204 and yes you right the 204 is a great calibre,just trying to get as much info as i can on other cals .i will prob have a 204 ruger, and like you said, can /t see nothing else any better,but its always ,good to ask about and get advice from others thanks for the reply best wishes steve

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    Head shoot your rabbits with a .223, plenty left to eat!, & if you do mess it up a little it's dog food.

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    How about a .17AH? It's a bit on the small side but will do the job and is very cheap to run.

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    Or if you want to be really different you could opt for a .14-221 Walker!

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    not really a odd ball caliber but i used to have a lot of fun bashing crows out to about 200yrds with my old .222 it was reasonably cheap to run as well and im sure you could reach 300yrds with a decent scope.

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    Try .22.250 or .220 swift both exellent longerange rabbit rounds as long as you don't wan't to eat them.There both superb rounds, you will have more choice of rifles in .22.250 I think only remington and ruger are making swifts now which is a pity.They also double as top small deer rounds.If you fancy something a bit different iv'e just had a 20br built which is showing promise as longrange bunny blatter.

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    a mate of mine used to have a 17 rem fireball which he got rid of for a 20Tac, it was a very fast flat round but got blown around alot... made a hell of a mess of foxes though

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