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Thread: Hopeful chance

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    Hopeful chance

    Hi guys,
    Me and a friend would love the chance to shoot a gold medal muntjac each,
    we wouldnt mind traveling up a day before to a b&b close to the shooting ground to meet you or the guide
    Before the stalking day/evening. We would both be looking to do this sometime next year due to work commitments, if someone could pm of someone who could let me now off price's of the stalking prices and accommodation would be amazing.

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    I'm sure there are a few guides who will be able to offer a chance at a medal animal but it's not tescos or morrissons and I rather think the chance of two in a day golds as well would be an exceptional day and amazing like you have said .
    i will pm you a guide I know with a lot of munty and medal class but no promises eh !
    Cheers Norma

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