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Thread: will there be a place for this ??

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    will there be a place for this ??

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    Place for everything.... but do a wider Youtube search and you will readily find footage proving its not so infallible / goof proof as you would really want for that price tag!
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    Hi pal
    just watched the video front to back and I suppose the idea of it in a military scenario would be good I think its in need of a lot more work.
    ie. Just because the wind wasn't perfect became an issue and he hit the hog at the end of the vid but never found it,
    think I'll stick with my swaro "for now lol"

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    A load of crap typical US ,just why do they have a huge military (not forgetting a huge causality rate ) when they have these tools at hand , all the key words battlefield, technology ,sniper, long range .

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    There's that Nite Site Nintendo crap you hang off the back of a scope, this thing release's the trigger for you so the next logical step in progression is to do both remotely yeah? Screen/trigger in hand, a brew then send one of the guys out with the rifle bit. Great night in shooting not that far away
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