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Thread: Compound bow/kit for sale.

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    Compound bow/kit for sale.

    Hi guys,

    It is with great sadness I will probably never compete or participate in archery again due to a long lasting now confirmed permanent shoulder injury.
    So instead of sitting in the cupboard I have decided to let my custom made bow and kit go to a home where is will be used and enjoyd.
    It is a custom made limited edition Merlin Nova built and signed by Chris Jones from Merlin Archery (No 84). It is in brand new condition with a telescopic sight, riser, and has recently been restrung.
    I have shot this bow in high level competition, in the UK and Channel Islands (And won!) I won silver medal in the island games in 1999 with it and broke several junior/senior British records around that time also.
    For anyone who competes in Archery they will understand these disciplines and scores this bow and I have achieved.
    Shot and recorded in competition,
    Portsmouth round = 60 shots / score = 589 out of 600 with 49 goldís.
    Fita/Vegas round = 60 shots / score= 577 out of 600 with 37 goldís.
    Worchester round = 300/300 straight.
    So the bow defiantly shoot.
    Outdoor results also recorded on round out to 100 yards and 90 meters.

    The kit consists off,
    A half-moon heavy duty shaped carry/storage box with dial lock for security.
    Bow, 28 inch draw length this is adjustable, from memory between 26Ē-30Ē You can change parts of the cams to adjust these draw lengths further is you wish.
    A release aid.
    Draw weight currently set to 50ftlb but easily adjustable between 40-60 ftlb.
    Competition Stabiliser.
    Riser (arrow rest)
    Adjustable telescopic sight with numbered increments/adjustments.
    A selection of carbon arrow (Easton arrows)
    A selection of Easton alloy arrows for indoor close range target shooting.
    A vertical Fletching jig ( To put fletching (Flites) ) on arrows with.
    Some spare fletching and knocks.
    This bow will still compete with todayís top spec bows in terms of accuracy and performance, if you would like to do competition, it will most likely shoot better then you, or if you would just like to have a go on your own land and not be competitive then this is a cracker and an awesome bit of kit.
    I will truly be sad to see it go, but would rather someone else had some use and enjoyment out of it since Iím unlikely to be doing it again.
    If you would like some pictures I can email them to you, Iíll try and get some up on the forum later.
    £450 + postage for the lot.

    PM me if interested or for further info.


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