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Thread: Rangefinders - How many stalkers actually use them?

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    Rangefinders - How many stalkers actually use them?

    I have been reading the threads here with interest and there are clearly lots of differing opinions on which are the best bits of kit for various scenarios. Since I am relatively new to the subject and don't have much contact with other stalkers, I would like to know how many stalkers actually use rangefinders in the field (i.e. not for sighting in a scope etc.). Is is a majority, minority or 50%?

    Thanks for your input.


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    Mine are integral to my binos, so are used constantly...
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    I shoot on a couple of farms which I know well so I used the rangefinder initially to check distances but not now.
    When I set up the gun to check the zero in a field on one of the farms I use the range finder to check that 100 paces is 94 metres or 100 yards for the target.
    They are useful for me but of more use on unfamiliar ground.

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    If I am on new ground I always use my rangefinder to mark distances, particulalrly when using a high seat. I know that a particular tree is 150 metres or a bush 200 etc.
    I can then gauge distance more effectively when a target appears.
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    If one wants to put a bullet somewhere in an animal then guessing the distance is fine.
    if you want to place a bullet in a certain spot, then a rangefinder is a vital part of your gear.
    For short range heavy cover stalking I wouldn't take a rangefinder along, however any open field or
    forest edge stalking/varminting I'd have a rangefinder and drop chart along.

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    I would'nt be without mine takes the guesswork out.
    Not to say I don't try and "eyeball" the range every now
    and then to keep the hand in !

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    As all of the above takes the guess work out of new ground

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    I use mine a lot but they are built into binos so easy, managed for years without them but really found the advantage is when taking longer shots.

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    Leica Geovids with built in rangefinder, I use the rangefinder facility very often (except when I was doing my upgrade in a certain club - part of which involves estimating range - they were whipped off me even before I took the first step towards the high seat)


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    They are useful for taking long shots no doubt but don't think they are a necessity for stalking, in a woodland setting most of your shots will be at a shortish range even on the open hill most shots will be under 150 yards out to maximum of around 200.

    As a pro stalker being able to estimate distance was part of learning your kraft, and its not too difficult at normal stalking distances.

    However if using a range finder gives you more confidence go for it.

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