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Thread: .22 fac air / 30ftlbs

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    .22 fac air / 30ftlbs

    .22 fac air wanted

    about 30ftlbs.

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    Trev on here used to have a Ripley for sale don't know if he sill has it but I can vouch for the rifle as being an absolute screamer as ive shot it on many occasions on a contract my friend and I used to have

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    I have an Airarms S500 FAC (adjustable power settings) in as new condition. Shrouded barrel and additional silencer. Can email pics if you PM me your email address.


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    I still have the ripley, you are more than welcome to come over and have a look at it anytime you wish.


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    i got a theoben eliminator plus original mod ?

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    what are they like to shoot, and accuracy at 50?

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    Well like I say the Ripley is second to non, and like trev says get in touch with him and have a go with it, you won't regret it

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    Hi, looking for an fac air rifle myself, used to have a rapid 7 fac back in the nineties, original mk 1. It was a cracker, so would like to find a 2007 + mk1 fac but watching out for what comes up. Be good if anyone who has one could say rifle weight, number of shots per fill. Sorry to butt in.

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    i have had a rapid

    and tried a ripley.

    I want something different to the above.

    ideally with a magazine and regulator.

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    Dauntsey Guns have a Theoben Eliminator in .22, and one in .20, but my names on that

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