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Thread: Cz rifles

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    Cz rifles

    Anybody got a CZ rifle and how do you like it? Im not talking about the old Brno rifles I got a Brno 601 myself. Im just curious about Cz because they look really good and clean and aint expensive.

    Also looking at getting a Cz 22lr, yea im quite in to Cz right now. Cz 550 standard and lux both look really good.

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    Shot a mates CZ .22 and really liked it. Very accurate. Planning to get rid of my ruger 10\22 for one as my rabbit gun.

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    Well i have been looking for a .270 for a while now... Looked at cz 550 lux etc...instead i bought an brno zkk 600....the new cz is not a patch on the old hand made rifles.....i bought a brand new cz 452 in 17 hmr great little gun but needed a little work...rubbing stock down to float the barrel and work on the trigger but its a great little rifle....

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    I've got a 17 hmr, great bit of kit

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    CZs in all their guises, are probably the best value rifles on the market today. A 452 in either .17hmr or .22 will do all you need it to either on the range or for Bunny bashing. Get a trigger kit (about 12) from rimfire magic and it'll put almost every round through the same hole, once you've got it set up properly.

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    I have one and like it, especially for the money.
    Hate the safety though, its a lever that to me s backwords!

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    Quote Originally Posted by scubadog View Post
    I have one and like it, especially for the money.
    Hate the safety though, its a lever that to me s backwords!
    i had a small rod welded to my 2 safities on my first 2 cz's worked a treat,

    as for the rifles.......................for the cash i have found nothing better in rimfire models, i cant speak about cz cf rifles i have only ever had a 527 in both 222 and 223. and they shot better than me.

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    This lot offer some cracking package deals CZ Rifles UK - Main Dealer For CZ Rimfire Firearms

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    452 varmint brilliant , sold a new 455 17 switch barrel cz to get it nothing wrong just thumbhole a bit too bulky for throwing round 4x4 plus i like classical rifle lines, same style as my 22 anshutz , you wont go wrong with a cz. atb doug.

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    I have had two CZ's, only sold them recently due to a change in job where my work is all deer so I've gone over to the darkside....6.5mm:

    550 in 308, great rifle, no frills but functional.

    also, a 455 .22lr thumbhole. fantastic looking rifle, super accurate.

    I highly rate CZ, very very rarely go wrong and reasonably priced!

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