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    night vision

    hi all has any one got any info on the ward-d-vision night vision add on.have been looking around and can't seem to make mi mind up on what to get.starlight arrow is out soon so no feed back on that one yet.don't need long range, but want a clear not up for a dedicated scope either or some thing that cost a arm and a leg.will use agood ir with what ever i end up getting as this seems to make a big difference i have been going to the shooting show so may get a deal there but would like a heads up before i go as they will all say theirs is better than every other one on the market.many thanks

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    We will be launching the Starlight Arrow at the British Shooting Show this weekend, and will also have a new Digisight from Pulsar being show for the first time in the UK too which is worth a look if you consider going dedicated, which much better "scope" for swapping between rifles with the new model.

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    What sort of price tag is this going to have on it ?

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    It will retail just under 1300 at the British Shooting Show although we will be doing some cracking deals with add-on illuminators etc

    We will only have 20 of the brand new models at the show, so will be first come first served, with the rest of the stock arriving mid Feb.

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    Looks like a N770A to me, a slightly upgraded version of the N750.

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    i have starlight archer and longbow. both excellent nv.

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    You could always build your own.....before you commit have a look at the pinned stickies in the DIY section of the nightvisionforumuk forum. Plenty of good advice and how to's.... Amongst others paulham has done a couple worth watching. View forum - DIY Nightvision

    And there are forum discounts available from a proactive supplier of components.

    And the banter is pretty good... No room for prima donnas!!

    's me,



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    This thread is a pretty comprehensive list of bits and pointers Login



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