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Thread: Domestic CS gas

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    Domestic CS gas

    Just had my once yearly dose of Onion prep for the bread sauce, my punishment for sharpening all her blunt knives! Only one remedy for this, Adnams!

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    A sharp knife makes cutting onions less painful. You burst more cells with a bunt knife than a sharp one.

    I'd say maybe this is your punishment for doing a half arsed job of sharpening her blunt knives

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    If you could see her in action chopping cabbage etc, you'd understand (Edward scissor hands) , I sharpen the knives when She who must be obeyed is'nt looking!, then the plasters come out!

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    My mother-in-law was around yesterday and she defines 'Domestic CS Gas'! My fault entirely for giving her a combination of Sprouts, Swede, Onion & Leeks!
    I don't think she is a 'pure' CS gas generator though, as I think I detected a whiff of Mustard Gas and possibly a touch of Choking Agent!!

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    I have just had to endure the Mother in Law from Hell (aka the Wicked Witch of the West) I think she is classified as a persistent nerve agent

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    I have just been subjected to my annual dose of Jerusalem artichoke soup, made by my Father. He claims it is a delicacy but I just think it's poison

    The after effects are so noxious as to classify as worse than French onion soup.

    Finnbear270 - the only redeeming factor was that my Father also supplied a mixed case of Adnams Ales to wash it down . He lives next to the brewery!

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    Can you describe him to me, does he have a mobile?

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