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Thread: Parker Hale 30 mm scope rings

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    Parker Hale 30 mm scope rings

    Hi guys,I need a pair of 30mm scope rings please!Have been told the CZ 550 mounts work too?Any truth in that?If anyone is selling a pair or knows the best way forward please get in touch.Thanks,Tim.

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    Hi Tim,
    I have some CZ 550 rings,you would have to measure the dovetail on your rifle as I don't know if they are the same.
    They are the Millett angle Loc wind age adjustable I had them on a CZ 550 .243. They were over 60 new and I only had them on about 3 months 28 posted.
    Cheers Steve.

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    Hi Tim,
    just googled it and they are the same at 19mm, I learn something every day.
    If you did want them and for some reason they don't fit send them back and I will refund.
    Cheers Steve

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    get your wallet out if you want genuine Parker Hale 30mm rings!

    I sold a set on eBay for 155!!

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    Google it Phil
    Midway UK
    CZ 550 19mm
    CZ 527 16 mm
    Nothing mentioned about 17 mm.
    Then again I could be wrong !!!!!!!
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    I have some here that I think you want. If you pm me your address I will send them and see if they do the job, On the parker hale safari you have to watch the bolt as it will not pass the scopes. Just have a look before hand. cheers phil

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    Hi its Phil, have you received the scope rings I sent you. Did they do the job? I just havent heard back from you.

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