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Thread: BBC 1 The big question - large game trophy hunting

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    BBC 1 The big question - large game trophy hunting

    My be worth a watch - The big question on BBC1 will be talking about large game trophy hunting this morning.


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    On now, good lady speaking very sensible! EJ someone.

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    Watched it on iplayer. Despite the best efforts of the academic and Charlie Jacoby, they weren't going to get very far on this. Views are so entrenched that we are always going to be onto a losing wicket on an emotive subject like this. What I find infuriating is that the facts are ignored by the other side and instead they focus on emotion. At least 6 death threats to Charlie on twitter after the show.

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    I dont think they were ever going to get anywhere either, for those who missed it

    BBC iPlayer - The Big Questions: Series 7: Episode 6

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