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    Roe Doe

    Headed down to Devon early this week to meet up with Ian and Jo for some stalking.
    I arrived Monday to a great dinner prepared by Jo followed by a DVD on Sika stalking.
    Met Ian at around 6am to head off for the stalk. With the cold weather, things were difficult as there was much crunching from our feet on the ground.
    We started off walking through a few fields where deer had been seen, and it was nice and easy to see the reassuring signs of plenty of deer slots on the ground.
    However, the fields didnít have any deer in so we set off into the woods. Again, lots of slots to be seen but they seemed to be heading the opposite direction to us. No point in going that way though, as the wind would have been right up our backsides. We carried on through the woods and approaching a nice sunny spot near the edge of the woods, Ian caught sight of a roe doe.
    The sticks were up but as I started to bring my rifle up, she looked directly at us. I paused with the rifle halfway there for what seemed like eternity, but after a while she relaxed again. The rifle was shouldered with the deer presenting a quartering shot. She dropped on the spot as the 150grn soft point hit her and was probably dead before she hit the ground.
    It was great to have a proper woodland stalk on what was a nice sunny winterís day. That was my second deer and the first taken with my own rifle. Hopefully plenty more to come.

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    You could'nt have better hosts, but just a bit puzzled by the night vision gear!

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    As Steve said you were in great company with Ian and Jo..

    Was she not a pretty one ?? as we normally dont have the arse end facing the camera

    Well done fella


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    Nice shooting Abu - and a lovely day for stalking.

    Great to get out on those clear, still winter days.

    Looking forward to seeing you again in the coming year. Whether for the deer - or Jo's cooking!


    Ian & Jo

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    Yep, well done and congratulations Abu. A fine shot.

    Another vote for the sweet potatoes Steve


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