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Thread: Hope this worked!

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    Hope this worked!

    A wonderful day in the North of England.

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    worked for me. good photo

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    Fantastic, well done.

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    That's better I can see it now! Excellent......What's the stag doing on the deck though?

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    He had been chasing all the hinds around so he was a tired stag, and was having a nap!

    Seriously though it was a perfect October day, and my first stag to boot! The kind of day that reminds you why you get out of a warm bed at 4am in a morning and sit in a wet wood.

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    It's a very good picture James. I like the detail on the antler and deer's hair and the the mid ground on the trees and grass. The whole picture has a story telling feel about it.

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    Thanks very much.

    I like to take photos of the beast and landscape as well as some with my mug on it, because it brings back all the memories of the day a bit more clearly, and I see it as him in his natural element, where he was the dominant presence for so long (16+ years in his case).

    I have a few more like that kicking around and will post them ASAP.

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    Another favourite patch.

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