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Thread: Olivers First Deer

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    Olivers First Deer

    Saturday morning the alarm went off at 4am a quick cup of tea and slice of toast and i was out of the door, the wind was howling and a river of water was running as i drove over battery hill into Hastings to pick up my stalking buddy Robin who was waiting at the door. We headed out towards Heathfield to pick up our friends for a morning stalk, they were on time so we loaded there gear and carried on to our destination, on arrival we parked the car and trailer and decided that as Oliver was a novice he would come with me to a high seat whilst Robin took Simon for a woodland stalk, the idea being that they would start at the top end of the farm and walk slowly through the woods and any deer they bumped might just run in our direction.

    We made our way to the high seat glassing the fields as we went then climbed into the seat and made ourselves comfortable,

    the wind was gusting and the rain drove at us, i showed Oliver how the safety worked on the Sauer and let him have a play before loading up and putting the safety on.

    We sat for about an hour and saw nothing except a fox that came within thirty yards of the seat then a fallow doe came out of the woodland to our left at about 200yard distance then vanished over the brow of a hill. five minutes later i saw a fallow pricket walking up the hedgerow behind the seat but it was never in a shootable position, then another fallow ran out into the field in front of us but never got closer than about 180 yards and went through a hole in the hedge into another field.

    We settled down again then Oliver noticed movement in the woods to our left and a nice Roe buck walked out into the field behind us followed by a doe who started walking towards the high seat, i told Oliver to get ready and when i shouted to shoot if he could,

    He was leaning across in front of me and as the doe came into the open about 20yds away i shouted it stopped and the shot rang out and the deer went down,i told him to reload and at that moment two fallow does burst out of the woodland to our left when they were 50 yards in front of the seat i shouted they stopped for a few seconds but he could not not get on them in time and they were gone,

    still trembling Oliver unloaded and we climbed down and we went to inspect the Roe doe, i think the smile says it all, and would you believe it the sun came out.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well done! really nice deer and excellent write up.

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    He looks well pleased,, Is that his very,,, nah !!!!! only joking !

    Good stuff

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    Well done both of you

    is it just the photo but she looks a bit underweight ?

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    hi mudman, i think it is just the photo, they were surprised at the weight when they carried it back to the car, cheers Geoff

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    Well Done both of you, I decided not to go on Saturday due to the wind and rain, but by lunchtime the sun was out,

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    Thanks Geoff and Robin for a brilliant morning out. Can't believe how well the weather ended up for us and as you can see in the photo I was absolutely delighted with my first deer.

    Looking forward to a return visit in March!


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