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    Bark removal

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    I cut cut this stick today as I thought it'd make a nice short walking stick due to the unique spiral make up of the stick. If like to remove the bark to show the wood underneath an then give a few coats of oil. What I'd like to know is will it be easier/best for the wood if I remove the bark now while the wood is still green or dry it first and then try and remove it?

    also if anyone has a piece of antler going to use for a handle that they're willing to post for a few quid or a do action to charity I'd be pleased as I've not got anything suitable at the moment.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    have you thought about lightly rubbing it down with sandpaper to remove the rough bark and then varnishing? You will then get the different colours come out in the bark.

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    I have made a few sticks and scrape the bark off using a sharp stiff blade. Not had one with a twist but think I would scrape it the same way.

    Good luck with a piece of antler as I am sure there is a bit sitting in a draw ready for posting...


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    Sandpaper & wirewool as per post #2. Peeling around the sprial lips will be a pain and will look none too good either.


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    Cheers guys I had thought of leaving the bark on but thought it would look nice with it removed. I think it will look better with the bark gone but that's only if I can remove it completely and carefully which I'm not sure I can after closer inspection.

    Judging by te number of views I reckon most people thought this was way more deer related;-)

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    put it away until summer then have a look cracking stick by the way .

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    Quote Originally Posted by nun_hunter View Post
    Judging by te number of views I reckon most people thought this was way more deer related;-)
    You’d be surprised. Stick hunting is for all those times when you can’t take a rifle with you on a woodland walk and is the best justification I know for packing a large knife should you be required to explain such behaviour!

    In fact I now have a fanny pack dedicated to just this task and which includes folding saw, pruning shears, knife and leather gloves.


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    Hi Nun i have found that a jet wash works ok when they are fresh but when they have dryed out it is normally a question of smoothing down then varnishing or oiling, i also found that dipping the ends in wax stops them drying to quick and cracking but you are dealing with nature here so nothing is ever guaranteed. atb

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    snap just got a new thumb stick from Lincoln that kept calling me from the high seat last week now happy in the shed to dry out lol i keep a set of pruning shears for all manner of thing in the small back pack

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    Hiya I've been reliably informed leave the stick in your garden give it a couple of months may be less with all this rain and then the bark should just peel off , I sure I've got a bit of antler for you or even a roe lower leg and foot set in a crooked shape PM me your email il send you pics if you want bazil

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