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Thread: heads up on a real good deal on a good quality light...

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    heads up on a real good deal on a good quality light...

    mileage and opinions are gonna vary quite a bit depending on what folks are selling or what they've spent a small fortune on and don't want to admit the downfalls. I know what works for me and don't have anything on the market. Green Cree Led is the ticket for anything a responsible shooter should be doing. The laser designators light up things good also but..... I have both cree and LD in green. The LD will concentrate more so seems to light things up better at distances (distances you have no business shooting when it is dark) but (yea another one), I have shined deer, our horses, fox, pigs, badger, and cats with the cree with no reaction. Turned it off and hit them with the LD and all were nervous/fidgety and some ran off. Even the horses spooked some and they know it's me coming. Also, if it's misty, foggy, or raining, forget the LD. The cheaper LD's don't work below 40-50 degrees.

    this is a better deal than I got back in summer.. My favorite light and is used pretty much daily for chores...

    if the page don't open to UK info, just do the switch yourself for shipping and currency. Ships free. Got mine to my german address in about 10 days.

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    But we're already way ahead of that in terms of performance and flexibility with the UniqueFire UF-T20 conversions in red, green, blue XPE2, Oslon Black IR leds...... or the NM800 range if you want to go expensive. The basic torch is cheap and pretty damn good in it's own right. Shop UF-T20 online - Buy UF-T20 for unbeatable low prices on

    Easily done DIY or there's now, at least, 3 UK based people selling converted torches around the 40/45 mark and it's safer to buy a "quality" UK sourced 18650 battery and charger - the emphasis being on quality: ie nothing with in it's name. Have a look at Torchy the Battery boy's website for the horror stories Torchy the Battery Boy: The Dangers of Ultrafire 18650 batteries


    Links to the T20 in illumination and sales in here Index page...... Sikastag/irlightbuilds, Marky610/Nitetek and skany/ludicrous lumens (mainly on UKV)
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    I am interested in this subject, but understand very little about it. Can you please elaborate and make some suggestions around the 30 mark? Many thanks!

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    I've tried a few and ended up with the 3, all T20 based and all made by Ian Sirrell ( sikastag).

    I have one with a green XPE chip, one with the same chip in red, and one with a dedicated IR and 66mm lens for digital NV. It easily gives over 200 metres with a good camera and will go over 100 even with a light-hungry camcorder.

    The green is much brighter than the red.

    I find the red spooks rabbits the least while foxes seem unconcerned by the green.

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    Dave-g on here makes a very good modded 501b with a red led.

    I put a post up some time ago about modding these little beauties

    Modifying a 501b
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psyxologos View Post
    I am interested in this subject, but understand very little about it. Can you please elaborate and make some suggestions around the 30 mark? Many thanks!
    I did before. Will try to find the thread for you. Get the setup for 24 pounds in the link I posted above and you won't be sorry. Sure it's made in china and the batteries may come from china... Folks in the States talk about made in USA with these things also... They may be assembled/sold in the US or UK etc. But just about all (if not 100%) of the parts come from china. Last I checked, there ain't but 1 china. I ordered a couple of the 18650 batteries from a German supplier that were supposed to be local sourced (and priced accordingly) and got batteries with a china sticker on the pack. Those little 501 or 502's are good also and a little more jacket pocket friendly with an adjustable beam. I have 3 of them in also. You can find them that use AA batteries also (wife friendly and don't strand you if you forget to recharge). I like to support local business as much as possible but I'm not gonna eat macaroni & cheese or ramen noodles so someone else can have steak (the way some folks price things).... Good luck.

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    The same torch is available at Maplins for 29.95.

    120 lumens, comes with car charger too.
    Not sure about the different coloured LED though.

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    The cheap zoom torches work OK, zoomed out there is justb enough light for eyeshine, zoomed in they get 200yds easily enough to
    to identify and shoot

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