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Thread: custom cz hmr

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    custom cz hmr

    cz 17 hmr with lots spent on it.custom manners t4 stock cost 600+ on its own the tactical bolt then the paint job oh and the rifle all about 800 spent on a 300 pound rifle in all 1100 spent.looking for 700. ono any test / inspection welcome.

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    Has anything been done to the action or barrel??
    or is it just a new stock and paint job?


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    no work done to action or barrel, stock, paint, bolt,and trigger kit is all the work done.
    cheers mike
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    does it come with the scope and bits.
    would u rfd it

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    no scope or bipod i have a sak mod you can have with it asuming you have a mod on ticket can also leave the picatiny rail on if needed.yes i can rfd

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    Quote Originally Posted by triggersqueezer View Post
    no work done to action or barrel, stock, paint, bolt,and trigger kit is all the work done.
    cheers mike
    hopefully See it Shoot it won't see this thread, his head would explode!

    A gun doesn't need to have a barrel forged by the elves to be custom; just a few components that deviate from the norm - stock, bolt, trigger, etc.

    Nice rifle and good luck with the sale!

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    yeh i have picked up on the comments but i can't change the title.hey custom means different thing to different people.a custom harley still has a harley engine.its not cool though to comment on a sales thread if your version of custom me if you need to vent your views .hunterscabin's tone of just a stock and paint job did not go un noticed.if calling it custom offends and the thread gets spoilt mods please remove.

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