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Thread: Mc millan stock

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    Mc millan stock

    Anyone any idea idea how much would a sako 75 mc millan hunter stock blk/gry marble is worth s/h about a year old not been bedded ? thinking of putting the old wood stock back on the rifle and selling both.

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    i would say not much I would take it of you for 50

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    What size action does this fit?

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    think its action 3 its on a .243

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    Looks like the III action varmint stock. Around 350-400 based on an RRP of 510 from Jackson's
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    would love one of these for my 25.06 75, what sort of money do they make

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    that's answered my question thanks

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    Thanks I think I paid 500 from my local dealer but sure came from jacksons

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