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Thread: Perruque

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    This is a perruque I shot this year, any idea why this occurs? He was a good weight and holding a doe.


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    I was told that it happens when the buck damages the antler whilst still in velvet. I guess that with insects poking around the wound and then bacteria, it will cause an infection. Whatever the reason, I can imagine that its not very comfortale for the deer.

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    According to Richard Prior it's casued by a lack of testosterone...most perruques will be found to have abnormal testes...apparently!

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    Drew is absolutley correct from my reading of priors books. My only personal contribution is that if this condition leads to 'fly strike' then they need to be culled immediately because I have to deal with this condition every year in sheep and its extemely distressing. For all concerned.


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    Yeh its a problem with the poor little sods balls whats caused it. (Testoserone) Hes a nice looking little buck tho.
    Its best to shoot them before it gets infected. A friend of mine shot one in thetford a few years ago & its velvet had almost covered its head

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    Yes he was a decent buck, a good weight, and like I say with a female, which bearning in mind comments made, that it is due to a lack of testosterone, surprising. It was mid rut.

    As you can see it is huge deformation and was hard, but in velvet.

    I couldnt believe it when I saw him, the first thing I thought was he was a huge medal head, but on closer inspection a perruque, so I decided to take him as I know it can start to impare vision and cause discomfort.

    I believe they used to be more common when people shot roe with shotguns as they would get tail ended. Imagine!

    Thanks for your thoughts.


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    A few more at the Forest & Wildlife Museum, Horsholm, Denmark.
    Deformed snouts are due to a wide-angle lens on a pocket camera and not a bad taxidermist.


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    These peruque heads also come about by a buck catching his wedding tackle on barbed wire fences and such like. It the testes on a buck are damaged in anyway it will normally produce a peruque head. It can also occur with internal malformation of the sexual organs as well.

    Believe it or not it was fairly common place in Victorian times and for a short while after for keepers to shoot buck with a shotgun up the back to try and produce heads such as these. We have a book in the museum that tells of this taking place on ahighland estate, to satisfy wealthy continental stalkers of the time.

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    thats what i was told aswell sikamalc,it went on alot in germany years ago.the chap i did my dsc 1 with said always shoot them and to save any more misery for them.

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    I would also add that in really severe cases of a buck with a peruque head it will cover the eyes, but this is a really extreme case.

    You might be interested to know that we have a Sambur Stag head in the collection that is a peruque, it is a massive head, and very rare.

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