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Thread: bolt problem

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    bolt problem

    the bolt face on my cz 527 .222 appears to of started to split/ hair line crack where it sit against the percussion cap, what would cause it to do this (it never had home loads) can this be fix what would cause this?
    cheers will (in Cumbria)

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    If it's truly cracked, send it back to the factory. Got a pic??~Muir

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    FWIW, my advice is:
    Take some close-up pictures, if possible, also look at it under high magnification to identify whether it is a crack.
    If it is, take it back to where you bought it - assuming it was purchased from a gunshop - for the opinion of the seller.
    Also email the importer (Edgar Bros) with pictures.
    If you have a local firm which does Non-Destructive Testing, you could have it crack tested, but that would be at your cost, of course.
    In the meantime, I would advise that you do not fire the rifle.

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    did you buy it new from shop/distributor? if so, they need to assist you in getting it back to Edgar Bro's (most likely) for a new bolt that is properly headspaced, etc. under the sale of goods act, this should not require a warranty.

    if you bought it used, a new bolt and headspacing will be costly in comparison to a new or new(used) rifle, but may be an option if you can order one via EB's and have a smith space it and get it re-proofed.

    personally I think a crack down into the bolt body is almost impossible to weld, unless it's laser welded VERY well and re-heat treated, but you're talking 's again, and it may not be safe or pass proof.

    IMHO, the importers 'should', whether you're 1st, 2nd, 3r owner send it back to CZ for a replacement and cover any work and proof necessary,,but I have my suspicions that will not happen that easily...

    if you end up scrapping the rifle, do let me know, as there are parts I will be happy to purchase for a project I'm building - trigger, bottom metal, mag, and safety parts.

    obviously, I hope this works out for you buddy :-)

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    Sorry not the best picture, sadly the rifle was bought off a friend 3 years ago, I will try cz but cannot see them replace / repare it, had a quote of 340 from the to replace it lol,

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    does the crack propogate down the bolt shaft? You could try to obtain some Ardrox crack detector. Disassemble and clean in dishwasher first.

    Looks like it's cracked and if it is, then likely to be a scrap job. only way to fix for sure is to replace the bolt, which is expensive, proof required as well.

    Most likey due to a flaw/fissure in the material from new.

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    Can you post some decent photographs of the bolt please. I,m interested to know what the fleck at the top of the "crack" is.

    If it is a crack it will be a scrap it job and unlikely that having a replacement bolt fitted will be worthwhile considering the cost involved and the value of the rifle. Hard to judge from such a poor photograph but other corrosion on the extractor claw sugest that it is an older rifle. What sort of condition is the rifle in generally?

    I don't quite follow your comment on never shooting handloaded ammunition as most reloaders don't push the envelope and factory ammunition will generally generate higher pressures.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Easiest way to check properly for cracking, ... go to your nearest large fabrication / welding workshop, two aerosol cans off the bench, one squirt from each, question answered immediately.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonefoxin View Post
    Sorry not the best picture, sadly the rifle was bought off a friend 3 years ago, I will try cz but cannot see them replace / repare it, had a quote of 340 from the to replace it lol,
    And you took that for an answer?? I am willing to wager they will fix it if you press then hard enough. Ask them to explain the crack! Ask them what a shooter could do to cause a crack like that to appear. It's certainly not wear. Offer to send it to them for evaluation and let them decide before you put it out in the court of public opinion. ~Muir
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