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Thread: Hello to all in the stalking world No 2.

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    Hello to all in the stalking world No 2.

    Hello I have been stalking for nearly 40 years now and have a lot of expeience built from cull work, trophy guiding, stalking and ghillieing on Arran, Hampshire and wales but mostly from work and pleasure in Galloway, my home area, i have been hunting in south africa three times, usa twice and as my daughter lives in sweden so i am there quite often.

    I have been involved in shooting all my life, did a lot of goose guiding on the solway and inland, that was very exciting but my heart lies in deer managment, curently a friend and myself run dmq 1&2 courses in Galloway.

    I have 2 small bore and 3 full bore rifles a 243, a 308 and a 375 h&h as well as a few shotguns.

    As a founder member of the galloway small arms club i have done a bit of pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting at international level.

    Thats a bit about me if you want to know more get in touch,

    If you have a syndicate membership space or a piece of land you would like to rent out i would be most interested as my circumstances have changed and i would like to become an active stalker once more.

    I am a holder of dmq 1 and 2, PDMS grade A accredited, The Balvenie Richard Prior stalkers course, BDS roe managment course, FSA food hygiene course, BRC first aid, manual handling course, Practical rifle and pistol course.

    As you can see stalking has always been a big part of my life.

    Barry Thom

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    Hi Barry,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm British, but I live and work in Olso, Norway. If you ever over the border from Sweden ping me a PM and we can meet for a beer?


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