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Thread: .243 moderator options

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    .243 moderator options

    Inspire me!
    This topic has probably been discussed to death but for my benefit please advise. Looking for a moderator for my tikka, whats best? What price? Would a few hundred get me a decent moderator?

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    Friend of mine has one of these that he is very happy with Products | Lawrence Precision
    Titanium, breakdown, extremely light and will never corrode, only problem is they are around £600.

    I have a T8 which I love, but yes, they are very heavy. The above titanium option isn't a quiet as the T8 but depends what you want, always a toss-up!

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    Atec Maxim, cheap light and very good.

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    Depends! what is important to you - lightweight/ sound reduction/ robust/ rust proof etc etc etc

    You have to balance your personal priorities. My go to choices tend to be the Atec Maxim 4 ( possibly with an extra baffle ) or the SL-5. Both have served us and various clients very well. If you want ultimate quiet in 243, and remember this is hugely subjective -but the T8 is still the benchmark - but at near doubling size and weight over the Atec.

    But be warned - Atec sales are set to plummet and the internet will be thronged with the distraught of the shooting world.... the very latest batch of Maxim4 we got from Jackson's now sport a natty label categorically saying they should not be taken apart! This will come as a deep shock to many I suspect All that despite the supplied instructions saying the same for years!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matastrophe View Post
    Atec Maxim, cheap light and very good.
    +1 Very good mod!!

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    I recently got a Hardy Gen 4; a bit smaller and much lighter than my T8 but just as effective, to my ears anyway. Not cheap, but then none of them are.

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    If you can get hold of him get in touch with Dave Mercer direct. He might give you a good price on a DM80. Light, effective and strippable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Matastrophe View Post
    Atec Maxim, cheap light and very good.
    i have the steel cmm6 in 308, wish i had the cmm4 in alloy.

    but if i had the cash spare

    i would have a ase sl5 in 25 cal for my 6mmbr., cracking mods and should out last your rifle if looked after correctly.

    £200 second hand for a minter or £300 new, worth the money if you have it, hardy gen 4 my boss has one as he has the budget ? seems ok but not worth £500+ IMO.

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    Hardy Gen IV for £300.

    45% of the weight of the previous T8. Ok, not quite as quiet, but I carry it more than I shoot it and it's plenty quiet enough for me - and the deer
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