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Thread: Breakdown diagram for Baikal rifle

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    Breakdown diagram for Baikal rifle

    Can anyone point me in the right direction to find a parts diagram for the Baikal IZH single shot rifle please?

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    I did find one on line a couple of years back when I had one, alas I can't re-find it
    But if you are going to strip it down I offer a single piece of info...........
    Before trying to strip the firing pin and spring out, look very carefully toward the rear of the spring while squeezing
    the cocking leaver, you will see a very small hole drilled through the firing pin, put a piece of wire or a small drill
    bit through this hole to to stop the spring launching it's self as you lift the complete unit out. Once on the bench
    you can compress the spring and remove the temporary pin. The whole thing is very easy to work on, and to re-assemble.

    But be warned if you intend to start polishing trigger and sear it is very easy to end up with one of several problems.
    First it is easy to end up with a safety that doesn't work any longer, second the ability to de-cock and re-cock with out opening
    the action will disappear and you will get light strikes unless gun is fully opened to cock it.

    Found this one for the single barrel shotgun, they are the same, and you can use replacement parts from the shotgun for the action.


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