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Thread: Boots Again

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    Boots Again

    Hi all,

    I'm after some help with choosing my next pair of boots.

    I've been using a pair of Le Chameau Mouflon Plus boots for the past 5 years or so and it's now time to keep them for summer use and splash the cash on something new that will keep my feet warm and dry whilst stalking through the burns and bogs of Scotland.

    I've been delighted with the Mouflon plus boots to date which have proved to be the most comforatable pair of boots i've owned and am happy to buy another pair but wonder what else will break in easily, stay dry and keep my feet/ankles supported?

    What are your views on Lundhags? Lundhags Syncro Highs or others.

    Look forward to your views.


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    I am 7 months in to owning a pair of Irish Setters. They have been used regularly inc. a weeks stalking in Scotland & I have to say that I am delighted with them - so well worth a look

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    Ive got Le Chameau Vibram and whilst i found the support great and the fact they keep you warm and dry okay i wouldnt buy another pair..

    Im up for a pair of Le Chameau boots myself next time..

    Lost count of the number of people ive seen wearing them which i guess must tell a story..



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    Re: Boots Again

    Quote Originally Posted by Robbo25
    What are your views on Lundhags? Lundhags Syncro Highs or others.

    Look forward to your views.

    My mate brought a pair to take on our hunting trip to NZ last year, they leaked first time out while stalking in the UK, he was told by the supplier he had not waxed them enough, they were brand new and he had wax them. He tried again and covered them with the Lundhag wax, then he walked the dog in them, they leaked again. The supplier was evasive; I know were there is a pair going cheap only worn twice.



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    I have a pair of LaCrosse Brawny II boots, had them for two seasons now and never had them leak, great support because of the height.

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    Thanks very much to those who took the time to respond.

    I'm still blinded by the choice and variety on offer and mixed reviews on just about all boots.

    Found a local dealer doing the Mouflon Plus boots at 211 a pair which looks good.. but I am tempted by the good write up's across the board on Meindl boots.

    Apart from a few complaints on squeeky laces the write up's appear to be generally very good.

    With that in mind does anyone know of a supplier of Meindl boots in the hampshire area that may have a pair of Dovre Extreme GTX's.

    I like to try on a pair of boots making sure they fit well.. and I cant find a gun shop or country clothing supplier in hampshire on the intranet that stocks the boots in my area.

    Any ideas??

    Many thanks


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    Meindl every time especially as w slacks does the Dovre and the Glockner (i have these as the dovre were too wide) for less than that and free postage

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    I've had my Irish Setter boots rather longer than Mr Free Market, but I'm just as pleased with mine.

    Worth a look/try on if you can find them!

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    I'd rather buy boots from someone who does just that, and well, rather than a firm that makes everything - boots, wellies, coats etc etc.

    I think that Mouflons are like Freelanders - a lot of happy customers, but you also hear of a lot of niggling problems. Just a thought.

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