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Thread: Getting out

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    Getting out

    Well, thats it. I have sat on my arse and done as the doctors say, now I am bored shi77less. The PPC is screaming for a crow or a roe or something.

    It is just gone 1 and it is still minus 6 but i cant take the 4 walls any more.


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    It's a terrible thing is cabin fever!

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    Go on, you know it makes sense!!!!

    Just rest even more once you come back in.


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    So how did it go


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    getting out

    hi jingsy tom here i know how you are feeling slipped on ice last week have brocken ankle will be cabined up for the next 6 weeks happy new year to all
    atb tom

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    Some areas have been blessed with real sub zero temps of late, I parked the Landy to open a gate, got out to put the key in the padlock & the Landy was slowly moving away from where I left it!

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    Just in, 1 in the bag. Hanging up and looking nice although probably lost some condition due to the wintery conditions. Less than 10 % fat on the kidneys (dogs didn't complain)and the stomach probably a third full.

    The temp by the time I got walking about was -14 degrees. Brrrrrrrr


    I feel for ya, I was only suspended for a fortnight and that was bad enough.

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    I escaped today on my electric scooter to do a bit of shopping and was surprised to find how well it went on the frozen snow on the pavements.
    On the roads it was fine..
    It is a little while since I went into `KILL, KILL` mode. [ I did get 7 Carrions and 1 Maggie with 9 shots when a friend took me out a couple of times a while ago. ]
    I got a supply of RWS 147gr target hollow-points and have brewed up ten for a test in the .308 Sako Varminter, also I sold my .243 Sako Varminter recently and took a cheap BSA CF2 .243 with scope in P/EX.
    I am itching to try it as the previous owner was zapping Foxes with it using my 75gr V.Max load.


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    Good to read that you're still managing to pull the trigger on a few feathered vermin Hubert. Despite your eye and mobility troubles.

    Would you care to share this killer 75gn V-max load?

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    75gr V.Max., RP or Geco brass, 40.5gr of Viht.N140 and Federal 210GM match primer. [.243 cal.]
    This tends to scatter them about a bit !

    With the same load but using the 68gr Berger bullet the group is even tighter but I had one or two take off and then fall out of the sky in a spectacular manner, obviously this bullet is not expanding on light vermin.

    Regards, HWH.

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