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Thread: 260 loads?

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    260 loads?

    Hi All

    Looking to see what everyone is shooting out of their 260rems? I went out this saturday just gone to do/attempt some load testing but the wind was really bad! still managed just under an inch with a three shot group but i'm convinced the rifle can do better with a change of powder. Im using 120g sierra pro hunter soft points, remington brass, Hodgdon BLC-2 (i had half a tub spare so thought id try it) and federal standard primers. The rifle is a Steyr Pro hunter with a redfield 4-12x40 scope.

    Any ideas?



    Attachment 37949
    ( the verniers twisted slightly before i took the photo, group is from furthest centers)

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    Currently using N160 for medium weight bullets as above and N165 for heavy bullets. I have given up on the Remington brass and now use Nosler and Lapua brass. I got some good groups out of my Pro-Hunter when I had it. I liked the long magazine and didn't recognise that as a plus until I sold it.

    Keep up the good work. Here's a recent practice on a dull wet windy morning, I was in a hurry to beat the rain and didn't use a rear bag.


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    Thanks JCS, N160 may be an option as i get my Vhit powders at trade price. No one seems to have any load data on the 120 sierra soft point pro hunter. Might move over to nosler acdcubonds

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    N160 is a reasonable powder for the .260 in that weight range.
    Be prepared to push the book loads (in safe increments) as Viht seem very conservative in this cal for some reason (conflict of interest 6.5x47l cough, cough).

    Have you got all of your loading bits already?
    I've got a stack of brass, Lapua and Nosler plus dies, bushes, comparator stuff etc I'd be willing to part with.

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    Yep i've got it all cheers, unless you've got some super dooper cheap lapua brass? Think im good for everything else. I'm not looking to have any super quick loads as its gonna be used mainly on reds and i want to try and minimize carcass damage

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    43 gn Reloader 19 pushing a 129gn Hornaday SP, rem brass, cci primers

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    48 gr of AR2213sc/H4831, Nosler case, CCI200 primer with 120 gr Pro Hunter or 129 gr SST.

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    Berger 120gr match, 44.5gr H4350, produces 937m/s and 0.5 moa even with me.
    95gr v-max, 49.3 gr of H4350. Lapua cases and fed primers.

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    Just to add to the N160 supporter's club - I developed a load for a friend's Steyr Pro Mountain and the recipe that gave the best results (sub 1/2") from my records was:

    120 gr Sierra Prohunter seated 112 thou back (ogive reading of 2.169")
    Fed Gold Primers
    43.9 gr of N160
    Trimmed to 2.031"
    Shoulder Datum maintained at 1.662"
    From memory these were Lapua cases - forgot at the time to record this info

    As with any recipe given - please work up

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    45gr N560 , 140amax (usual caveats , work up)
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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