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Thread: Gallows humour/ Cabin Fever.

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    Gallows humour/ Cabin Fever.

    Just been having a bit of a belly laugh at some of the telly adverts for charities/burial plans etc; The one that produced the most laughter here was one for making your last will & stuff, It featured a guy who had a lifelong love of motorcycles & wished to be sent on his way up the aisle in a coffin made to look like a big Harley hog!, that set us off here, my offering was " I wonder how much the co-op would charge for a coffin made to look like a .270 round!" Mrs Finnbear commented "Well, you probably would'nt get the antlers of an Imperial through the church door!" Cabin fever sets in very quickly over Christmas, even after a Boxing day bash!

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    Gallows Humour

    A visiting wag has just said that my post should read WSM cartridge, rather than a plain straight .270

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