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Thread: Starling swarms

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    Starling swarms

    Mrs Finnbear & I are fortunate to have a full wall in the bedroom taken up by double glazing/sliding doors, this leads onto an observation deck, looking out over the Dee, (The Cheshire one), Just at the Mo' we are watching a swarm of starlings, originally I would estimate about 60 ish birds, growing slowly by small groups flying in purposely to join in, it's up to about a couple thou' now!

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    they are brill when they get going,we were watching them a few years ago.before you ask when i say we i dont mean from your bedroom

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    Re: Starling swarms

    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    ...out over the Dee, (The Cheshire one)...
    A third Dee? I've heard of the Scottish Dee and the Welsh Dee but never of one in Cheshire. 8)

    I saw two flocks of lapwings just recently, both of which were making their way inland from the general direction of Deeside. A sight I hadn't seen since my childhood and as much of a thrill for that fact alone.

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    , Your Welsh Dee, or to be more accurate ..The Afon Dyfrydwy, passes through parts of Cheshire, therefore becomes The Cheshire Dee for a while, & empties over the 29 foot wier into the IRISH sea after passing through a little bit more of Wales, Steve.

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    There was a fourth one, Simon Dee but he died.

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 be more accurate ..The Afon Dyfrydwy...
    ...or to be accurately accurate Yr Afon Dyfrdwy.

    ...and Dyfrdwy means...?

    Since you mention the weir at Chester, did you know that the Roodee bridge once held the record for the highest span of any bridge in Europe.

    I heard of a chap who was nicked by the EA for salmon netting on the Dee at Queensferry (Wales!) but got off on a counter charge against the arresting bailiff for piracy on the high sea. Honest!

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    Lots of very odd things have gone on on this river as I'm sure you know, for one, the wings for the latest super jet liner make their first journey on the Dee, I helped construct the dock facilities for the barge, I have some photo's around here somewhere, of the barge aground in the sands of the Dee on its first trials.

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    ...and those same wings then pass directly over us on their way to France in the hold of the Beluga. A remarkable sight as it comes lumbering over Penymynydd church!

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    Out with Malc and Robin near Dorchester yesterday we saw what must have been a couple of thousand..

    In a high seat for the evening the whoosh as numerous groups past overhead was amazing..

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    We only ever see the one plane take off from Broughton.

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