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    Dsc 1

    Hi there.

    I have developed an interest in deer stalking. My main goals are to go out and play in the outdoors, and bring home some venison (and/or boar, but I know that would take more experience).

    I short, I want to go out and eat.

    I have limited experience with firearms, so will definitely need a refresher.

    I would like to do a course where I would physically stalk and shoot deer, gralloch the game, and take home at least a couple of steaks' worth of venison. I live in London, but call Glasgow home. Anything within 2-3 hours travel would be good, but closer is better, obviously.

    Can anyone recommend a training provider for the DSC 1 that will cover what I need?


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    Hi there.

    That discussion came out in my initial search, which I found most useful. It didn't mention anything about taking venison home, though!

    I think I'll contact the folk mentioned in the discussion to check what their views are on taking the carcass or some venison home.

    Many thanks!


    Thanks to the folk who PMed me. I'll have a look and make a decision soon, I promise!

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    i did buckbones cullday last saturday .its very very informative .ranges first shot placement at 100/150 n 200 yds then select the cull shoot it and andrew gets you to gralloch and tells you how to and gets you to butcher the deer.its a full day andyou get a selection of venison and some bison to talk home.i did my dsc1 at cirencester last october then this day with andrew allowed me to physically gralloch and butcher a deer with a bucket of free advice .you could also talk to paul at barony college he was very helpfull when i first mentioned doing dsc1 and offered evening stalks after the course .just google barony college .

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    Contact Paul at fechan on here, aka Paul at barony, there's a dsc1 course in March ,pm him as places are going fast .


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    Im not sure if Sikamalc has any places left next month in west sussex, drop him a pm.

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