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Thread: NPTC ATV courses south west Scotland?

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    NPTC ATV courses south west Scotland?

    Anyone know of any NPTC quad courses being held or is anyone holding any in the near future in south west Scotland willing to travel further but only one I can find is sparsholt and that's a bit far.


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    Hi David

    We are now offering NPTC certification for quad and Argo. We can also do preparation sessions if you feel that would be helpful.

    We normally say we need 4 people to run something but if it's just an assessment and you aren't in a particular rush we could probably sort something out when we're in your area.

    Hope this helps but please PM if you want to discuss.



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    If you're struggling for numbers davidm, I could get potentially 3 guys to make up the difference.

    I've been looking at various providers but timing isn't great with working offshore so get in touch if you need some bodies.



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    NPTC courses can be done at Borders College, Newtown St Boswells. Ive done both sit in and sit astride there!

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    My mate does them, he's a self employed instructor, infact i'm going round to drop his flask off the nite so will have a word.

    Can u provide ground and or bike?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanielmad View Post
    NPTC courses can be done at Borders College, Newtown St Boswells. Ive done both sit in and sit astride there!
    Did you do it all in one day, inclusive of test Spanielmad?

    The info I received from Borders was their course comprised of a 1 day training course follwed by a 1hr test at a different date

    I'd rather do it all in one hit, saves time, travel etc etc


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    James pm inbound

    Rigboot this is the problem I'm having as I'm looking for myself it's hard to find any dates where anyone has a space. If you wish to pm me when suits and we could all get in touch with James at wms training to organise something.

    Sorry countrryboy looking for somewhere to go.


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    Im sure if you have a word with the College about it, something could be sorted out. Or if you have ATV experience, I think the test can be done on its own!
    I did mine whilst at college, was an afternoons training and then the test.

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    Thanks will give them a call in the morning to see if they have anything avalible.


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    He may be able to organise/rent quads and come to u, i have heard him on about renting them in the past

    Part of the problem (atleast with the chainsaws) was the same instructor who instructed u could not test u, why u quite often have to go back a seperate day when a different instructor is there

    The Barony will be closer (Parkgate nr Dumfries), i take it Achincuive near Ayr somewhere? is now defunct as a training college? there is also Elmwood in Fife dunno if any closer/handier to u, St Boswells is a pain to drive to from the west, good gun shop thou

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