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Thread: Devon reds, have a plan and stick to it!

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    Devon reds, have a plan and stick to it!

    The reds have been driving me nuts lately, they are always across the valley on another permission, up to 32 of them, I have noticed crossing tracks and racks across the roads made during the night and even got so close a week ago in the woods I could smell them, but it hasn’t worked out, my normal success rate at worst was 1:3 but because I kept on these reds it must have dropped to today’s 1:15!

    Like everywhere at the moment the fields are totally water logged and when I set out yesterday afternoon the fields were empty and the rain turned to hail and then sleet, but there were fresh droppings, so I figured a very, very slow stalk into the woods, after a while I observed fresh tracks, so following them and glassing all the time I noticed a head looking at me about 100 yards away, then another, but the second one was shootable as I could see its neck as it was chewing the cud, I had already made up my mind, if I get the chance it will be pin it through the shoulders or neck shoot it, I couldn’t afford for it to go anywhere.
    So up on the quad sticks with my Sako .243, back rest of a tree and boom, I saw it drop, then all hell broke loose, reds everywhere, I had to show serious restraint as I could have had 2 more, but the thought of the extraction on my own put me off!
    Normally I could drag it down the wood, across a shallow river to a driveable forestry road, but the river was in full flood, so it was 2 steps up 1 step back through the slippery woods (it wasn’t a big red, one of last year’s calves 110lb game dealer weight) until I got to the fields, then I walked across 3 very hilly fields to the truck, unloaded the game cart, walked back, loaded it up and wheeled it back through some seriously boggy fields, total distance about 1000 yards, extraction time took me over an hour!

    With reds it always a case of deer down, now the hard work begins.

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    Well done, sometimes they do get you frustrated but patience always gives a return.

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    I was going to give you a bell this week and ask how it was going! Sounds challenging.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tackleberry270 View Post
    I was going to give you a bell this week and ask how it was going! Sounds challenging.
    It is, as you will find out soon enough!

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    I'll bring coffee! It is definitely SD weather today anyway!!

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