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Thread: Rimfire with big scope

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    Rimfire with big scope

    I will soon get my Meopta Meostar R2 2,5-15x56 for my 270w. Karl Kaps 2,5-10x56 is on my 270w right now. I dont want to sell it because its great, so I was thinking about putting it on my Cz 22Lr rimfire.

    But will a big and heavy scope like that make a wierd weight balance on a rimfire?

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    Try it and see. You can always sell it afterwards if it doesn't work.
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    Yuck. Bad idea. IMHO, a CZ .22LR should have something graceful and in proportion to the rifle....~Muir

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    Yea thats what I thought. A Meopta 3-9x42 would fit good on it

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    Maybe a 2-7x32 or similar..?

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    I use a 4x44 tasco in gloss with gold trim on mine, looks lovely.

    I recently purchased a leupold vx1 2-7x33, lovely wee scope, excellent for the .222 as well :-)

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    A 2-7x32 could be pretty good but I prefer to have the same sight picture/reticle in my rimfire and centerfire. Thats why I opt for Meopta as a Meopta will soon be on my centerfire. They do make a 6x42 and 4-12x40 and 3-9x42 which could be alright for a rimfire

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    Get it on there and get shooting to see how you go.

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    I have a Meopta R1 4-12 X 56 on my Weihrauch HW 60 HMR. I didn't choose it, it became available when I bought a new scope for another rifle. It doesn't look over the top at all. It sits on there very well. And the optical quality has been the making of this little rifle. I noticed immediately the superiority over the Hawke that was on it before. Rabbit shooting at dusk on drab backgrounds is a much improved business. A .22lr is a different matter though. The scope will probably look fine but optically its overkill on such a short range rifle. My .22 has a NV scope on it. If I went back to a day scope I have a 6 X 42 Meopta Artemis resting in the draw which would be perfect. 6 X 42 fixed or 3/4 - 9 x 42 is ideal for a .22.

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    I've been watching this thread with some interest as I've currently got a rimfire without a scope I've got 2 scopes both whitetail classics , one 3.5-10 x40 and a 3.5-10 x50 and I can't decide which will be best , to be fair is suppose there won't be much in it
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