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Thread: Eye in the sky

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    Eye in the sky

    Here is a view some of you will know, a birds eye viesw of Bonar Bridge

    Not up to Fallow stalkers I know, but I ain't' that good


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    Hi JayB,
    I see that you have been for a spin in your Sopwith Camel again! no wonder you get so many deer strafing them with your twin vickers machine guns!

    JayB=J Biggles!

    'Chocks away old bean!'

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    JB Its a well photographed bridge, here's one from cooler times
    .Attachment 28523

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    Nice pictures guys.

    JAYB - i'm guessing that was taken a while ago? The new hospital's not in the pic!

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    nice picture john is that the game dealers on the left side ,i got the bb sorted so il see you august

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    Yes Tam that's the game dealer, glad you got sorted. Blast from the past this one it was 5 years ago I posted this.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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