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Thread: Blood concentrates & deer scents

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    Blood concentrates & deer scents

    Are blood concentrates such as Hagopur or Waidwerk any use for the early stages of deer dog training and what about artificial deer scents, are they any use? I particularly want to train my dog to follow up wounded deer. I have various preserved deer skins etc to use but need to lay a trail to these.

    atb Tim

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    Could you collect some blood the next time your out. I find park culls good for this and keep it in the freezer till needed.

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    Any bits you collect need to be from the same beast when you use them...
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    Quote Originally Posted by straightbetweentheeyes View Post
    Any bits you collect need to be from the same beast when you use them...
    Good tip, I hadn't thought of that. Thanks

    atb Tim

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    If it was collected fresh would it not clot by the time it got home and in the freezer? Would you dilute it with water then so that it could be dripped from a bottle?

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    Add a drop of lemon or lime juice to the blood sample, lemons and limes contain citric acid which is a natural anticoagulant.

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    Collect "clean", pure blood from the same animal, mix it up with a electric mixer, store it in the freezer in 0.3 L plastic bottles (washed out!, mineral water, eg).
    When you take it out, let it defrost and shake it well.
    Have one plug with a whole drilled in, which you put on, while laying the trail.
    Always have some meters (later on more), without any blood, just scentshoes track, as you will have on a natural track....
    Good luck with the training!
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