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Thread: Sunshade to fit Swarovski with 56mm objective

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    Sunshade to fit Swarovski with 56mm objective


    Am after the above if anybody has such a thing surplus to requirements.

    ta Mick

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    Try an e-mail to swarovski UK if you're stuck, a few years back I lost mine and they were good enough to replace it FOC. I'm not sure if they have the same high level of customer service but if you don't ask..........

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    Thanks Blitzking but phoned them to be told they stopped making them a few years ago. The lass provided a few suggestions of places to try but all have been negative so far...... Karl caps do one but dunno if the thread would be the same, they were on a US website though.

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    Still looking as have tried everywhere local to no avail.

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    If you have any luck let me know I am after one. Looked everywhere

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    I have a S&B sunshade that fits mine........

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    I didn't know they ever did them for 56mm although I came across this website on another SD thread yesterday which has the largest variety of shades I've seen in one place. It may be worth giving them a ring but I've never used them so couldn't vouch for them. Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick9abf View Post
    Still looking as have tried everywhere local to no avail.

    Reading the previous posts, I've got a 56mm sunshade for a Schmidt and Bender, unfortunately it's not for sale but you're welcome to try it on your swarovski before parting with your hard earnd for a new one.



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    Just fitted this sunshade to my S&B PMII 5-25 x 56.

    Fits perfectly.

    ebay item 110560065596

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    Never saw the replies boys. Cheers Blitzking, will PM you to try yours and if successful use the eBay link from ali37.

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