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Thread: Red and/or Sika

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    Red and/or Sika

    I have a sporting challenge with my shooting companion this year, as to who can shoot the most different species of game, vermin and deer in the uk between the 12th August 2013 and the 31st March 2014 currently in have taken 31 different species and am ahead, so far I've been very lucky and shot muntjack, roe and fallow, with fingers crossed the CWD in the next couple of weeks but that leaves me needing a red hind and a Sika hind, as much as I would love a few days north with a young family and work commitments I have to accept that it's not going to happen, therefore I would like to see if anyone has availability for a red hind in Norfolk Suffolk before the end of the season, the reason I have limited to these counties is that I accept that I may need a few outings to get one. I have my own rifle, but am relatively new to stalking. I can either pay for the stalk or swap for wildfowling on the North Norfolk coast or the Ouse Washes, obviously that would be next season now.


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    Your too far away mate or i would have put you in touch with a couple of fellas here in Poole..

    I never heard. Did you get out with the chap for the wildfowling?

    Atb Terry
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Thanks Terry, but as you say I am a long way away, but it may come to needing to travel, unfortunately due to the water on the washes coming late and then getting very deep we didn't manage the outing this year, I have however said I will carry it over to next season, keep well.


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