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Thread: Cost of a new stock

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    Cost of a new stock

    I recently enquired with a stock maker for some prices for a replacement stock for a side lock and a box lock, they offered 3 grades of wood from A to AAA.
    I was amazed at the response, a side lock was going to cost 2500 plus the cost of the blank, and the box lock 1750 plus the wood.
    Please don't take this as a whinge at the costs, more my astonishment at them, I can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making a stock, but, if they cost that much, then how come you can buy (for example) a new AYA for circa 3k with perfectly nice woodwork, do the barrels and action really cost so little.......?
    or, is the price I've been quoted way off and it can be done for far less elsewhere?
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    A friend of mine had a price for a stock, box lock and I think they were talking 1250 plus vat.
    So you probably aren't a million miles off. I don't know what grade of wood though. This was only a few weeks ago.

    I priced a new set of multi choke barrels for my silver pigeon and they wanted 850 plus 150 to fit them. This was 18mths ago.
    I could probably had a new gun for the price.

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    fine if you are insured ,but it takes the same effort to stock a top name sidelock ,as a forshore hammer gun the diference is in the timber ,as to boxlocks i recently bought a crisp churchill with chopper lump barrels and a lovely stock leather cased for 2000 pounds sterling ,so that puts the tubes and action at less than 250 if i fell on the stock .

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    Those prices are about right. You can do it cheaper get a plane to Italy or Spain plenty of cheap stockers. Fly and hotels may bring up the price a bit.

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    You are not being robbed, I have stocked both in the past and know the work and hours involved.

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