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Thread: Rabbit shooting

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    Rabbit shooting

    Hi all I am looking for sum rabbit shooting
    I have a FAC air rife that I use for my pest control
    I come from Glasgow but willing to travel .
    thanks nozer.
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    nozer most people dont pay for pest control they ask about friends farmers , to be honest your better off not mentioning money because they might just get you on to there land to get a few quid,i know it sounds easy coming from someone whos got shooting permissions but if i was closer i would gladly take you out for the day ,i have to travel a lot to my perms ,the only close one is for pheasants/ducks, this is not a lie but i will bet theres dozens of farmers close to you that will gladly let you on with air rifle,try and ask if poss to shoot the day and see what you can do and then show him/her oh and also dont turn up with half a dozen mates in tow.atb doug ps i was up shap the other day horrendous weather not too far from you up there let me know how you get on as i said just ask ,at the end of the day they say yes/no no probs.

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    Cheers mate thank for your post
    i am going out at the weekend to see if I can get sum

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    Go reasonably smart (not always a good idea to turn up in full cammo to ask),be polite and don't be put off by a few no's.
    Good luck mate

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    Honestly nozer dont be scared ask few if no joy ask if any of there friends are having trouble, you never know could end up best permission ever good luck mate doug.

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    Don't forget to take it easy - temptkng as it may be (if you get very lucky) don't take kn more than you can handle!

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