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Thread: Replacement powder

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    Replacement powder

    Anyone got any suggestions for replacement powder instead of viht N160.

    currently using it in .243 with 80-100grn bullets with great results. Very reluctant too change but lack of N160 may force me too. Local shop says they not taking delivery of vith powder for months.

    Any suggestions would be good.
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    Same problem with vit here as well, gone over to ramshot hunter it seams a lot easier to get hold of and good prices as well if you go on there web site all load data is there free if you can't find data you want email them with you gun details and you get data by return email

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    Vhit N550. You will probably get about 50fps less out of it but its close enough.

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    Reloder 22 is good for 100 & 105 grain 243. - Used this for years! Not used it for 80 grains though - maybe too slow burning for them. Look at Reloder 19 too. - May be a good alternative for your bullet weights.
    If you fancy going down to 75 grain bullets I can recommend Sierra hollow points driven by Viht N140. Them pesky foxes don't like it up 'em!
    Hodgdon H4350 should also do your 100 & 80 grainers - I've got some of this to try on good recommendation. - Note to self - get on with it! - nearly out of loaded 243 & need them soon!


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    H414 42gn under the 85gn hpbt gives a sweet 11.88mm group at 200meters In a Tikka M595. not put through the chronos yet but the powder is easier to get hold of at the moment.

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    For 80 to 95 gr H414 and for 100gr IMR 4831, there seems to be a fair bit of them both about.

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    I was using H4895 in the .243 for everything but it doesnt look like it will be consistently available so looking at trying ramshot hunter, cheaper, more readily available and i have heard good things but havent got around to trying it yet. Will post some results when i eventually get time.

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    H4895 would be a good choice.

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