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Thread: First Fallow buck.

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    First Fallow buck.

    A massive thanks to Rick O'shea for putting me onto my first Fallow buck this evening.
    Rick showed me to a recently erected high chair which overlooked a field which undulated upwards from the chair, the sort of view that has a certain good feeling about it.
    Well, i`d hardly had time to settle down and get prepared when three Fallow made their way down the field, they stayed to my left hand side before crossing in front of me about 70 yards out.
    The middle beast was a great looking buck which finally stood still for a broadside shot. After the impact of the bullet the buck ran 50 ish yards, staggered and then dropped dead.
    Before the gralloch he weighed in at 158 lbs. A great result and one to be remembered.
    All made possible by a top bloke.

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    Pleased for you Basil mate,well done.............Martin

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    A magic moment! Well done Basil.

    One for the wall and no doubt about it! Happy dreams!!!

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    1st fallow

    Well done Basil,nice looking buck & well done Rick for making it possible 8)


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    Congratulations basil on your first fallow, and i would like to thank you for your company and a cleanly shot beast.

    Here is a couple of pics from my camera [the one with the memery card in wink ]

    A great way to start mate and heres to the next one
    well done

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    well done m8 8) nice one

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    basil nice ome m8
    what a christmas cracker
    regards pete .

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    Congrats Basil - what a great looking beast as your first Buck.



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    Congratulations fella..

    As said thats a fine animal for your first buck..

    And thats a neat set up for the gralloch rick o shea..

    Well done guys


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