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Thread: ire stalking

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    ire stalking

    Hi all,
    May be getting the chance to travel to the Republic of Ireland later this year not too sure as to the exact area yet but probably co.kerry co. Limerick maybe Co . Galway. I was wondering if anyone on here could advise as to any good areas that are stalking hot spots "so to speak" and possibly give any other advice ie. Firearms transport etc.
    Kind regards

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    Try searching the SD site first, and then post specific questions if you you do not find what you are looking for. Most of the Irish members have answered queries on a regular basis and with respect dont fancy repeating ourselves.
    Hot Spots - if you mean what species, wheres best. Kerry - sika , Galway - fallow, Limerick - fallow and possibly pockets of red.


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    Thanks for the reply ion.
    I did a very quick search before posting but obviously not detailed enough I will now "having heard what you say regarding areas/species" do alot more digging about
    kind regards

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    Sorry sore and grumpy after 'variegated veins procedure' ! Seriously though I think Caorach and myself have posted a lot of answers to stalking in Ireland queries.

    Step one - apply for deer hunting licence, issued beginning of August annually, from Your host / sponsor will need to write you a letter of perrmission. Anecdotal evidence suggests that minimum permission size is 150 acres.

    Step two - apply for visitors fiream cert. See garda website. Have paperwork ready before deer hunting licence is issued if you want to stalk in early Sept. Turnaround can be aggravatingly slow. You will need to send original EFP with application.

    Deer hunting licence is issued for 12 month fixed term commencing Aug 1st

    Visitors firearm cert is valid for 12 months from date of issue

    7.64(oops, edit to 7.62 !)/ 308 is max calibre permitted under normal circumstances.

    Most ferries allow firearms. Ammo is a no no on fast ferrries.

    Its a hard slog without a local contact.

    Stalking season Sept 1 to end Dec male deer and Nov 1 to end Feb female deer ( also antlerless males ie previous seasons offspring)


    The powers that be are taking on poaching etc, so if someone offers you stalking and you dont like the smell of it TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS ! Too many people are playing fast and loose with permissions that don't exist. 'ah sure he won't mind' will only bite you on the bum!!!

    Good luck

    Feel free to pm me

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    Superb answers Ion and again very much appreciated. I may well take you up on the pm offer a little nearer the time if possible please as may be a little wiser as to finer details of trip.
    kind regards
    ps.. get well soon buddy.

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    County Wicklow is the prime spot for sika. Weeks 43 and 44 tend to be the best for the peak of the rut.

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    Thanks for the input S98k

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sika98k View Post
    County Wicklow is the prime spot for sika. Weeks 43 and 44 tend to be the best for the peak of the rut.
    Quite so. They originated from the Powerscourt Estate where formerly they had been enclosed in the deer-park.
    Allegedly some were let out and established themselves on Kippure and the surrounding mountains.
    Many fine specimens were at Luggala and Glen MacNass.
    Unfortunately some have hybridised with the Reds and many are genetic mongrels.
    Over 30 years or so there I shot Gold, Silver and Bronze CIC specimens plus some interesting hybrids.


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    Should have said sore grumpy and doped as I forgot to credit Glendine with answering a lot of queries regarding stalking in Ireland.
    Much fitter today . Going after fallow does on monday come hell or high water (literally).

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    You gave superb advice again. Thanks for the mention. The very best of luck with your recovery and with the fallow. Your prediction might be correct with the high water. Give me a pm sometime and ill add Sika to that list.


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