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Thread: Strop boards and polishing paste

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    Strop boards and polishing paste

    Following on from the long thread on this I am happy to offer an oak backed leather strop board (420mm x 40mm) with a block of Starkey blue for 18 = 3 post. I won't have all the bits until after the weekend when I will be able to post them. I am of course still selling the full kit with Lansky fold a vee for 35 plus 3 post too. If anyone wants I can bring a few on Saturday, but I won't be lugging a load of oak on spec and it'll save the post. They will also, as Andy has mentioned be on view at Kelso, along with my nose......

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    1. It wasnt a long thread, it was informative
    2. Stop going on about your nose... thats my job

    3. Running the risk of being a bit of a twonk about this, but it was true words in jest when I mentioned Dougster is too diffident for his own good at times. His work is first rate and yet he is the most aggravating, apologetic marketeer I have ever known. He wont be the very cheapest but you really do get what you pay for with some things. If its bargain basement Poundland 'handmade quality' you seek, please stop pestering Richard. If you want something that a craftsman has put his heart and soul into, will work and last or he will do something about it and you appreciate the value of worth then he should be on your go to list.

    Please forgive the preaching guys and accept from what you know of me it is put forth with the best of intentions.
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    Re stocked now, just knocking up some more strops today (amongst other things I am making....)

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    Are these still available?. Still have your payment details if so. (The bridle leather sling is a beauty by the way!)D.

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