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Thread: Took a mate out for a stalk on Monday morning....good result

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    Took a mate out for a stalk on Monday morning....good result

    I was speaking to a mate that doesn't get out too much due to lack of permission,and,I asked if he would like a morning out,and,I am currently sewing my hand back on after he snapped it
    Anyway....enough joviality,I had decided to go to a place where although there are plenty of deer(Roe)I haven't had a lot of joy,but,I just had a feeling that would all change on this particular morning.It was a bit chilly at 0615hrs,and,as I went out to clean the screen on the truck there was a van in front of it with my mate in it.He was so keen he had been there a while,and,it was with a big grin on his face that we packed the gear into my truck and set off,then the questions started....Where we going?What is it like?What's on there?Will we get one?All of which helped to stop the journey getting boring,I also love chatting to him about his birds,he flies Harris' but,he also has a whole lot more in his collection that I love to visit when I can......then,all of a sudden we were there,so,we debussed and got ourselves ready,it was still(just)dark but we set off across the first field towards where I thought we might get lucky,and,as the sun began to rise we were treated to a stunning sight..............

    I was leading the way around the hedgelines glassing every few steps,and,keeping an eye out for 'Charlie' as well,as there are a lot of the red buggers on this land,and,as we got to a hedgeline that had a small strip field beyond it,I told my mate that there was a very good chance that there would be a Roe or two under the next fields hedge.We climbed over the barbed wire fence where a few months ago another mate had done a double back flip....very entertaining it was too and,we stalked into a position where we could see the hedgeline in question.Sure enough there was a Doe that got up straight away,and headed off at a rate of knots along the hedge and stopped at 190yds,I said to my mate,are you happy to take her at that range to which he said "No,you take her" and,I really did appreciate the fact that he declined due to him not being confident enough,and,at least he didn't 'have a go' and fluff a shot and leave an injured deer.So,I slipped the rifle up onto the sticks and was about to take aim when another Doe stood up from under the hedge at the original position,and she quietly walked through the hedge,so,I said to him to walk up a bit to get into a position to ba able to take a safe shot.He got set up and I could see him aiming,so,I got my Doe in the sights ready to drop her when he had fired,but,nothing happened,so,I thought he must be waiting for me to fire,but,with that BANG he had a hit as I heard the distinct thwap that echoed back.My deer by now had turned 3/4 on with her tush facing me,and,I wanted to have a good side on shot at that range so I waited,and,then another BANG,and he had another on the grass,well,this was enough to get my Doe to shift just enough to give me a perfect side on 'safe' shot to which she crumpled on the spot,just to get up again and run into me about 35yds and fall down dead.Quite a frantic few minutes I thought to myself,when out of the hedge came another two Roe,one mature Doe and a young Buck follower,I watched them for about 5-10 minutes as they meandered down the field totally at ease,just as if nothing had happened.....a lovely sight,and sport for another day.
    My mate came round to where I was and told me that he had got two Does,and,I congratulated him with a shake of the hand,and we crossed into the field to check them out,take a couple of pics,and gralloch them.....oh,and go and find mine.He was over the moon and still shaking a bit as he was sending text pics to his missus and any number of other people that he wanted to tell,and I must admit that I get just as much if not a bit more out of putting someone else onto deer,especially if they don't get the opportunity very often.For some reason I didn't seem to get a pic of my mate with the deer(it couldn't of come out)so,you have to put up with me again albeit with the cammo veil on,here they are.............

    It turned out to be a very enjoyable morning,and,with the mist hanging in the valley we headed back to get the truck to pick up the carcases,I just had to take a pic of the valley...........

    As we headed home my mate said that he would shout the breakfasts,so,into the 'Little Chef' it was for an 'Olympic Breakfast' with a few extras on


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    great write up on the stalk mate fair play on taking yet another
    guy out on your patch
    just one word of advice on the pics make sure your camera is
    H D ready and your binos
    sorry for the piss taking pete .

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    I got them sorted Pete,they just sent the wrong ones,and they got the right ones the very next day...........Martin

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    Hi Martin

    With a bag like that no wonder hes keen to hide that smile

    Great result and good on you for helping out a fella with a lack of permission..

    Theres a lot of us keen stalkers very greatfull for a hand up like that..

    Good on ya



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    well done 8)

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    Well done to your mate Martin & also to you for giving him the chance 8) .Is it me or does the cloud in the first picture look like a lurchers head ? nose to the left of the screen eye in the centre & ear to the right,weird


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    Well done martin i bet it was worth going out for that sunrise alone plus the added bonus of three roe and good fry up

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