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Thread: felling the water

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    felling the water

    Feeling the water for a bit of advice if you would ( oh no him again!! lol ), As some of you may know i am dipping my toes into a new unknown Rifle cal for me the :- 6.5x47 for stalking and a tad of range work, iv had some sound advise with a plethora of cals to look at with the pit falls pro's and con's and am grateful to all that added they fish to the stew.
    With that said below is my Sako 85 SS in .308, its just been Cerakote'd in gun metal grey by James of Jager SA top job .

    My fix is do I, (A)- re-barrel this Sako that's done way under 450 rounds to the 6.5x47 or (B)- sell it add all my funds in the pot and buy a range rifle in say 260 or 7mm or.308 for the 1200 yrds i wish to go back to again, then buy a 6.5x47 build up job and use them for just one dedicated reason .

    In light of the above If i sold the Sako what price would i expect to recover from it. The rifle is around three years old new from GMK to dealer and was moth balled for two year due to my car crash injury's hence low round count. T8 MOD. 2 MAG'S its only been out since last july and has had 6 outings .so small marks on plastic stock, otherwise its top draw and shoots like a dream . i am around 1900 into the Sako so far plus glass. so would not sell it for a silly price .
    thanks for the incoming help and advice.

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    PS sorry about Tim.243 getting in there don't know why that
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    Re-barrel it, no need to sell and lose more cash than you have to.
    Particularly as they seem to be hard to shift judging by the others around at seemingly decent prices.


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    thanks feller i do's look a good option.

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    unless you split the rifle, scope mod etc you will lose money
    Sako 85 is a great platform for a rebarrel and you already know the rifle

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    Honest opinion..
    thats an expensive donor in an average quality stock, you will be better off with something s/h in a macmillan as your donor.

    you did ask!

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    hate mc stocks feller over price but i know wot you mean thanks feller , i think you run a 6.5 x 47 if iam right how do you find the cal and component life mty.

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    Its the best calibre. My brass is on 3x firings max and hasn't moved. Ive just ordered a second rifle in same calibre to replace my AI AE, i'll be running 2, a 20" stalker and a 26" sniper for shooting deer at long range and tactical comps. Just bought the last component today!

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    Thanks feller the scope is on the way to a new home pending payment. I do have Sightron Bigsky that could be fitted as part of the package ,so rifle mounts/scope 2nd mag i have other rings on the shelf as well and weaver rail add -ons for nv so the package could draw some interest inc lap cases redding comp dies etc the hole nine yards outfit.
    if i leave .308 i will not need any of the loading gear inc a press tba. as i have other dillon kit to fall back on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    , i'll be running 2, a 20" stalker and a 26" sniper for shooting deer at long range and tactical comps. ..!

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    iam getting wet i know it may be a bit of a waste to strip the sako of its tube when its a good straight rifle, but then again needs must GRS may be an option !

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