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Thread: SIG 522 - different SWAT quadrails?

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    SIG 522 - different SWAT quadrails?

    Hi everyone!
    I'm a German hunter, and having recently bought a SiG 522 for hunting and shooting.
    In Germany we only have the classic and target version available, As far as I know you have the pleasure of having the SWAT version for sale in the UK?!
    How content are you guys with your quad rails? Would you recommend them over the classic version?
    Maybe someone wants to trade or sell his SWAT handguards, please let me know!
    Have a great day!

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    Had a set of on rails on an m4/ar10 if you are adding light or nv then go for it, if not very uncomfortable to hold on ar10 so first get a handrail add on, i have still got a claw mount for a h&K mp5/g3 if any one needs one

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    i used to have a sig 522 with the same classic fore end as you. i came close to buying this:

    Samson STAR 522 Rail for Sig 522 : Samson Manufacturing

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    I have the 522 classic and also and m4 and an ar15 both of which have the Yankee hill railed free float forends.
    to be honest I woudnt bother with rails unless you are going to use:
    a vertical or other type of forened gripgrip
    quick release mounted lights or lasers
    quickrelease mounted bipod

    lots of money, uncomfortable and cold to hold in winter and not worth the 'cool factor' in my opinion.
    also the edges tend to dig into any wood n blue type riles unless you are scrupulously careful with taking things in and out of the cabinet.

    free float ok, rails nah...

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    Yep saw the Samson as well, though it doens't allow for locking of the folding stock, which is a shame.
    Exactly urx, I've got a bipod laying around that I'm going to attach, and probably some sort of QD sling mount.
    Already got a couple of rail covers, that should work fine.
    Just wondering, are the SWAT versions sold in the UK US imports, or are they being sold directly by SIG?

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