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Thread: Baikal O/U 12b for Parker Hale or similar rifle

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    Baikal O/U 12b for Parker Hale or similar rifle

    Hi all

    Just starting to trade some of my shotgun stuff for rifle stuff to re balance my collection!

    I have a Baikal 12b O/U double trigger non ejector, with an improved stock which makes it handle cleanly and whistle clean bores. Will post photos later, however this model is basically bullet proof (literally!) and is ideal sturdy piece of kit for wildfowling, truck gun or general rough shooting. Little known these all had chrome lined bores, so will shoot steel etc (and Baikal cartridges, no mean feat) just fine.

    it has had very little use, languishing at the back of the gun cupboard as a second gun for when i had guests, I've had it probably 20 years and maybe fired 100 cartridges.

    i'm throwing in 3 boxes of eley bismuth cartridges which would cost 90 in the gunshop. So a wild fowling combo ready to go!

    I'm after a swap for a .270 or .308 Parker Hale/BSA/Husqvarna or similar value old piece of kit that can shoot straight and is safe at least! If I need to get a variation for a particular calibre, that's fine, you could have the shotgun straight away.

    All the best

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    i think you may wish to add px in the pot good luck with the trade.

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    True, depends what it is Paul!

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    Actually, in response to Paul O's fair comment, I'm going to add in 3 boxes of Eley Bismuth forest 28.5g 5s, with a gunshop value of about 90, into the mix. So it's a ready made wildfowling outfit, baikal O/U with 3 boxes bismuth shells for old banger rifle.

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