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Thread: 30-06, preferably somewhere around Somerset?

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    30-06, preferably somewhere around Somerset?

    Hi all

    I'm looking for a cheap 30-06 rifle. Not totally sure on budget yet as it depends on one or two factors.... ideally 300 - 500 but would consider paying more if an amazing deal was to be had (depending on funds at the time).


    - 22 - 24 inch barrel
    - sporter style (i.e. not heavy barrel)
    - in reasonable to good nick
    - in/around Somerset (or Wiltshire/Gloucestershire/Dorset/Devon)

    BUT will consider anything, so open to hearing about anything really.

    If you have something, know of someone who has something, or have seen something in a shop please let me know!

    Much appreciated


    p.s. I have seen Sikadog's Remi 700 he has advertised before anyone mentions that one, cheers

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    Try country pursuits in cricklade he had one there last week

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    you tried Steve Beaty - Ivythorn Sporting

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    Got to be quick with Country Pursuits. Wilf reckons he's got about a week left before he shuts for good.

    The shop is looking incredibly bare now.

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    Cheers guys, I'll give country pursuits a ring on Monday. Steve at ivythorn doesn't have any s/h '06's in at the moment (in my price range anyway!), but I will keep checking back as I bought my .243 from him and was very happy.

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    My friend has a standard barrel Tikka in 3006 for sale.350. It is in excellent and a accurate rifle. He is in Newport South Wales. Pm if you want his number

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    Dogfox, cheers for the comment, I've pm'd you mate.

    I tried Country Pursuits but that 30-06 is no longer around, thanks anyway PaulT. As mentioned above, apparently the shop is going to be shutting down in the next few days...

    Still very interested to hear if anyone knows of any other rifles, variation came through today

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