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Thread: Help decide new cartridge for 308 win

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    Help decide new cartridge for 308 win

    Hello, I am looking for a new 'allrounder' cartridge for my 308 win.
    I need a cartridge that will effectively take down roe deer as well as wild boar in sweden.
    i currently use the geco teilmantel (softpoint) 170 grains but i want a harder bullet.

    i am thinking of either switching to the geco plus. The bonded bullet. also 170 grains
    going with sako super hammerhead in either 150 grains or 180 grains.

    i also want to use the bullet with the least recoil.

    Any experience with these cartridges
    what are your suggestions?

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    you should find one that is available in volume locally and that your rifle actually likes

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    you should find one that is available in volume locally and that your rifle actually likes
    That is probably the best advice, certainly here in the UK the number one priority is to start using a bullet you can get a supply of.

    Over the last few years I've been having good success with the Nosler Partition in my 308. I use them mostly on sika and take some neck shots as well as chest shots. Performance has always been great for me and you have the confidence of a fast expanding front core plus the rear core that holds together and penetrates. I can't comment on roe but I get great performance in the rather small neck of a sika.

    I launch them at around 2700fps so with a 150 grain bullet the recoil isn't too bad.
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    nosler ballistic tip in 150gr (if in doubt watch the full video)

    job done

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    Probably, any bullet that is going to expand reliably on Roe, will blow apart on Boar. Unfortunately the two examples you have given need two different bullets. I recently returned from a trip to Sweden, where the quarry was Boar and Moose. I chose to take Ammo loaded with 180g Hornady Interlock. I was lucky enough to shoot a Moose that weighed just over 700 kg. the bullet exited an animal that was nearly a yard wide! Any bullet strong enough to hold together enough to exit, is probably going to act like a solid on a Roe.

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    I use Federal soft point in 150 grain for everything. Occasionally I use a Federal soft point 180 grain to take down larger animals. The most important thing though is that your rifle shoots well with the round you chose.

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    used both with ok moa in sako 85 around 3/4 moa ish . the sako was better but then hay its a sako with sako ,saying that home loaded 150 prohunter will sub .5 to .75 if i do my bit as good as the set up can do. lol

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