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Thread: New moderator for fox rifle

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    New moderator for fox rifle

    I have just bought myself a new moderator for my 17 Rem. At the moment my Sako has a 24" barrel and a Jet Z CQB which I am finding just too long. I am going to shorten the barrel to 20-21" after the winter and was in two minds to get the Jet Z's thread changed to a bigger thread or just bite the bullet and buy a new moderator. I opted for the second course of action for two reasons A. I still have the original 222 Rem barrel threaded for the Jet Z and B. I was looking for something more calibre specific seen as I shoot near houses and any extra sound reduction is always a bonus

    If I was in the UK I would have looked no further than the DM80 (which gets rave reviews from small calibre fans).

    Seen as I am in Norway I looked at what one of the oldest moderator manafacturers Hausken (pronounced How Sken)had to offer.
    They have been producing moderators since 1992 and are the main competitor to A-Tec in Norway.
    After discussing what I needed, I ordered and received a SD228 in 17 caliber after a very short turnaround. It is an anodised aluminium design that shrouds the barrel 88mm and extends over the muzzle 140mm.
    The packaging and quality of the product is excellent and I can't wait to get it installed on my rifle ready for next years winter foxing(just got to finish off this winter with the Jet Z first!)

    Here is the moderator as it comes out of the box

    Here compared to my other moderators, top to bottom Hausken SD228, A-Tec Maxim, ASE Utra Jet Z CQB and BR Reflex T8

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sika98k View Post
    Any idea what this weighs ?
    Roughly 430g. They also have a new moderator out that competes with A-tecs carbon can.

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    what barrel length is on your barrel? i would stay with 24" if you have it. might lose to many fps and muzzle flash and noise will be more. any way. 17rem is a great cal. all the best.

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    I have had some numbers crunched for me on Quickload and I shouldnt lose too much velocity by switching go a faster powder. My current load runs 3800 fps with N150. By changing to N140 or N135can give me the same fps. My bait stations are at 100 yds or less so it should be good.

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    what gun you got? i had a sako75, best fox killer i had.bullets from 15-30grains. i had some un-burnt power in my gun with the 24" barrel. but its your gun. 4200fps with the 20grain v-max. 3600fps with 30grain berger mef. foxes didnt know what hit them.

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    Mine is also a Sako 75 (rebarrelled from 222). I am using 23 grs of N150 which is giving me 3800fps (quickload estimate) and excellent accuracy. Haven't tried the 20 grs V Max yet, was scared they may not penetrate enough on fox at high velocities.

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    I've got a 21" 17 rem using n133 or n135 get near enough 4000 with 25gr bergers. My favorite rifle by far

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    good old 17 rem. i shot some foxes with 25 bergers in the rem with the 20 vmax out of 17 fireball. had a couple where i had to finish off when shot with 20 vmax. yet others dropped no problem.

    i would defo go for the 25's if foxing all the time.

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    had no probs with the 20v-max. 30grain mef are good fox medicine. make sure you have a clear shot at target, as ive had a couple of rounds not making, due to blow-up on grass stems.

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