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Thread: Dorchester with Malc and Robin

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    Dorchester with Malc and Robin

    Up for a reasonable start at 5:15 and a zero degrees welcome on opening the door..

    I set off to meet Malc and Robin on his lease at Dorchester..

    Fortunately there were no ditches and having parked succesfully i felt this was a great omen for the day

    Well where do you start as its not often ive found myself in a position of not being able to take a shot as the number of deer having been bumped were grouped so tightly

    Quick draw Robin was the first to get on a shootable deer whilst i was still playing with my sticks,binos, camera, rifle safety catch he had singled out one and with the herd of fifteen or so dispersing this hind had made around fifty yards..

    Robin is on the right

    Havin hung this one to cool we set off along a narrow strip of wood with myself positioned on an opening to one field,Robin stalking down a ride and Malc on the other side.. Looking forward of the field i was in i could see a group of nine making for a further wooded area in the next field..

    The wind was doing us no favours as seemed to constantly be changing..

    Splitting up,Malc and i moved on to stalk through a small wooded area with Robin setting up in a neighbouring field when a good sized spiker moved out from the woodline making across towards Robin..

    Shot taken and the thwack of impact the spiker set off at amazing speed and out of sight towards a deep stream and neighbouring woods..

    Malc left me to stalk the woods setting off with Todd ( the handsome one in the pictures ) to aid Robin in finding the sika..

    This is where it all gets a bit hazy depending on wether its Malcs or Robins story you listen to

    Ive gone with Malcs and will leave Robin to reply

    Todd hot on the trail, unfortunately the spiker had made onto a neighbours land, so rifles left at the boundary it was over the fence to find it looking pretty angry on a raised bed in the middle of a fast flowing stream..
    Todd had the good sense not to jump in as the water was deep and this spiker was standing tall and not looking happy

    Suddenly the hand of encouragement was felt between Malcs shoulder blades as he found himself in the stream whilst Robin was checking out his realtree cammo behind a tree

    With head lowered this spiker was looking to use them to best effect before our Malc had grabbed it taking its head to one side and despatching with a knife at which point Robin reappeared..

    Collecting these two on the quad i new somethin was up when this pair of boots came up either side of malcs ears.. Realising they belonged to me i nearly broke his ribs grabbing to hold on..

    That was the morning finished and arriving back at the farmhouse to the full monty it took about six cuppas each to get through the two sides to that story and recover from the marathon walk

    It was soon time to head out for the afternoon/evening and leaving me in a high seat Robin and Malc set off for neighbouring woods..

    In the seat for ten minutes i spotted a lone youngster.. Shot taken it dropped on the spot and so early in the evening was gralloched and hung before i returned to the seat..

    Thinking i should know better we were off on the quad again at speed up a hill..
    Using the lamp to aid night vision by the time we both spotted the hollow ditch Malcs nuts now had a petrol cap between them and i was headin over his shoulders absolutely hilarious..

    Many thanks to Malc for his generosity and company and yet again have added another face off the forum - Robin whose company and humour was greatly appreciated..

    That was four diferent species ive had in four outings with you Malc..

    Many thanks again


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    terry nice write up and pictures fella
    looks like you all enjoyed your stalk
    malcs dog looks a beauty regards pete .

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    Great write-up Terry! 8)

    I had the pleasure of the 'River Stag' account first hand when I went down to see Malc and Robin this morning. You'll be pleased to know they are still sticking pretty much to your version

    We didn't fair quite so well this morning, icey winds and torrential rain were testing to say the least, but Robin still managed to stalk up on a nice stag despite the conditions, but I'm sure he'll be along at some point to fill you all in.

    My thanks also to Malcolm and Robin, it can be as cold, wet and horrible as it likes but great company still makes for a fantastic day.


    (Terry, apologies for slight thread hijack )

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    Nice write up terry it sounds like you all had quite an eventfull time and memories that will last a lifetime i bet.
    Dont know if i would of fancied going head to head with a peed off sika in the middle of a flooded stream though especially with head gear like that looking back at you.
    Well done guys and a big pat on the head for todd who i am reliably informed actually did most of the hard work

    Hopefully catch up soon

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    well done terry nice write up,i bet it was good watching mick dundee in full flow ,

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    Good write up Terry and well done on your fourth Species of deer, He`s getting pretty good at this game is Malcom

    Indianna Malc gave me a call to give me the details of that stag.

    Bad luck on your outing Alex buddy, but with what Malc said to me it sounds like they were pretty much stirred up and not wanting to play ball anyway mate, but it sounds like you all had a great few days.

    Well done to all.


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    Well done Terry great write up & pics ,& you managed to park sucessfully

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    As requested, here is the photo of Robin's stag from this morning

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    Thanks Alex

    Will have to stop following each other around and try and meet up on the same day in 2010..

    Hope Indianna Malc wasnt required on that one..



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    great write up/ pics

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